Easter (again)

It seems as if last year’s Easter was just a couple of months ago. I’m getting old, and another proof of it is that I’m just not so excited about Easter anymore. I like to decorate eggs and bake Easter sweet bread (kozunak) but it’s more of a routine now, rather than a real anticipation of the coming holiday. The boys kind of like it but since they’ve never celebrated Easter in Bulgaria, and we are not really into the Norwegian way of celebrating it, they are missing quite a bit of it, I think.

This year, we decided to get out of Tromsø with some friends with kids. We went to nearby Lyngen, and spent 3 days packed in a small house with 4 young kids, and adults with very different opinions on how children should be raised. It was not that bad, though. We ate lots of good food (a bit too much actually), the kids fought and made friends 50 times a day, the men went fishing, and we made a short trip to a neighboring community with a nice beach. What spoilt the whole thing for me, though, was not my PMS, quite surprisingly. What spoilt it were 6 phones, 3 tablets, one laptop, and 2 electronic readers. We are turning into a pathetic replica of those immobile people eating fluids with a straw, and getting ‘advised’ by tiny voices in tiny machines on how to spend their time (Yes, I’m talking about Wall-E here. And yes, I don’t remember seeing any other sci-fi movies recently except for Gravity which I loved because what’s not to love about a woman defying all odds?! Oh, and to add to my tech stupidity, I’ll have to say that I’ve been trying to get my mind around 3D printing recently, and I simply cannot! It’s so surreal, I feel like my grandma trying to understand what the internet is.)

OK, I’ll leave you here. Lessons learnt and reconfirmed – kids are incredible when left on their own; and we are not getting an ipad any time soon (the one we had got stolen in Namibia, and what seemed like a misfortune at the time, quickly turned into a blessing)!

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