My day

I spend all weekends alone with the kids and I’ve come to realize that days are as good as I make them to be. Saturday, I told myself, would be great.

It started promisingly well. I stayed in bed quite long,

and got up to a beautiful sunshine.

I had the usual smoothie (mango, banana, peach, coconut flour, vroom, bliss),

and sat to make a plan. My man and I were having a date night out and we were having two friends over to take care of the kids. So I decided to bake something sweet for them. I sat Noah with his puzzles

and set the plan in motion.

Some more puzzles

and magnet games later

the thing was ready.

We had some mackerel with tomato sauce from the night before for lunch

and then tasted the sweet tart to see whether it was ok. It turned out to be quite OK.

Then there were some books,

and by the early afternoon I couldn’t wait to steal some time for myself. Maxi got stoned in front of the TV

whereas Noah continued with his table activities,

and I got about half an hour for a quick nail embellishment and some pages of my latest read.

By this time already the sunshine had disappeared

and Noah was quite sad to notice it.

Then the kiddos got occupied with their lego

and I seized the moment to get my daily cup of internet.

I came across this great song on a favorite blog I follow

and really, really liked it (It reminded me of hippies, the Himalayas … you get it).

Then I read an article on facebook about the most mysterious coded manuscripts, monuments, etc. and really got hooked on the Voynich manuscript. I promise, this thing is insane, check it out. I even downloaded it, and while decoding it, Noah had already taken things in his hands and had decided to cut with this boringly white fridge of ours.

From this moment on things got a bit hectic. I rushed to cook some cheese risotto for the kids for dinner.

While cooking, there was a little bit of this,

and a little bit of that,

but I kept my poise because I knew that help was on its way. And indeed, not long after, help did arrive.

I put on some make up and a dress I seldom wear. I looked into my husband’s eyes and felt so pretty, and we left our tiny place knowing that my day had just begun!


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