We had quite a rainy summer and the autumn season which has now set in is pretty much following the same pattern. So, when I woke up to a windless, dry and warm Saturday morning, I knew right away that I was taking the kids out. One of the best things about Tromsø is that wherever you live you needn’t walk more than 15 min before you get to a forest or a beach, and after a short discussion with the kiddos, we decided to go to the forest across the road.

I said ‘warm’, but a warm northern Norwegian day involves some warm apparel, too, so after an hour of putting on and off clothes, shoes, and toys in bags we left the place.

I was imagining quite a long walk but it didn’t take long before we stumbled into lots of blueberry bushes

and the little predators decided that we could not leave the place before they had scavenged it all.

So they started picking

and eating

and picking

and eating

and picking

and eating

until they were all covered in blueberry stain

and dirt.

I, on my part, was quite happy passively sitting in the bushes and watching the kids being their true selves. Autumn is autumn and I couldn’t keep my eyes off the expected and less expected colors which surrounded me.

Noah had taken papa Smurf with him and the little old creature was just blending with it all so well.

And if you think that I’ve just come up with this blissful picture only to delude you, you would be rightful to do so. The whole blueberry feast was a cover up for a life and death mission on another planet among evil ninja aliens. The forest was our spaceship and thank god we were invisible so that we could safely get to our bunker before we got caught. Still Maxi had to be on the watch-out most of the time

and, poor kid, he had to fight for our lives on several occasions.

Dangerous as it was, we somehow managed to leave the spacecraft safe and sound, and got home for some serious washing, cuddling and warming up on the sofa. With a cup of tea, of course.


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