At Sydspissen

This last week has been quite hectic for me, with some good and some not so good things happening at work, and therefore I was really happy when the weekend came. October has been quite nice with us so far and after an hour and a half of preparations on Sunday morning, I packed the kids in the car and we headed towards Sydspissen. This is the popular southernmost beach on Tromsøya and it was full of people when we got there. 

People were exploring,

kids were running,

some were sailing,

dogs were barking, and people around me were speaking in different languages. We unloaded our stuff

and the boys got busy.

Water was quite freezing, and a cup of hot cacao was very much appreciated.

The sandwiches I had prepared at home were quite neglected in favor of the baby carrots I had taken with us.

With their bellies full, the boys were back into the water, and I could sip some cacao on my own

and even do some work for Monday.

After some more splashing in the sea

we said good bye to the beautiful beach,

and headed towards the car.

The 200m to the car took us almost an hour to walk. The boys had to swing a bit,

collect some leaves,

and branches,

wait and see who lives here,

search some holes,

and try the swords found in this particular forest.

But it was so nice and warm and pleasant, so who could blame them.

Back home, I did some chores, cooked dinner and around 8 the northern lights started to appear in the sky. I hadn’t really been out watching them this year, so I got into the car and went back to the beach by myself.

On my way to the beach I heard on the radio that Felix Baumgartner was getting ready for his jump. It was nice to watch the sky and think that someone somewhere was pushing limits. And then back in the car, I heard that he had made it and it felt so good to know the guy was safe on earth and had gotten his dream come true.


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