Christmas (1 of many)

There is exactly one month left to Christmas and the postal service kindly reminded us to send our holiday greetings as soon as possible if we want them to make it by Christmas. I am so not in a Christmas mood yet but we had to make our Christmas cards, so that I can post them next week. Panduro has come to our town and is selling really good blank white cards. I had bought a pack and after a short instruction on how a Christmas card should look like, the card making began.

Noah was completely clueless and was playing a Christmas ninja,

although he managed to inspire his brother for at least one of his cards.

The rest turned out quite predictable (with lots of insistence on my side).

Maxi also wrote, or rather – drew, his letter to the Santa.

I’m a big fan of Lego, too, so he’ll definitely get it. And finally, we made a glowing jar. I bought the glowing paint almost a year ago but we somehow never got to it. Today, with the polar night and all, we finally put it into use. It was super easy to make

and, we didn’t believe it until we saw it, it really glows!



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