I’m so happy I’m almost done with my duties at work  for this year, and can now just ‘slapp av’ (chill out), as Norwegians say.

I’m a huge fan of ethnographic and documentary films. I can watch almost anything and everything. Even if the film is dully made, there’s always something new to learn from it. I visited the university’s visual cultural library today and got some treats.


A week ago I saw To have and to be. It is very beautifully shot and I quite liked it. Another nice film I saw at the ethnographic film festival which was held in my town some months ago was Sunday in Brazzaville. If you want to know what makes a real sapeur, this is the film to watch. The band which starred in it was very cute, too. Do you have any favourite films to share and recommend?

So, yoga, apple, films. In that order.


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