Things I love about Namibia

We are back in Windhoek, Namibia’s capital, which means we have access to internet again, and I can write a new post.

We are still in love with the country. Here’s a list of my favorite things, in no particular order.

1. Driving on sand

This one is huge! My fieldsite is 20 km away from our village, 10 km of which are gravel road, and the other 10 – sand. I got my driving licence in 2008, one day before I got on the plane with Maxi for my first fieldwork in Namibia, and I literally learnt to drive on this road, so it’s very sentimental, too. An exotic experience as it is, not all feel the same way about it. I was once driving with my assistant, and exclaimed how much I love driving on this road, and he said: “Yes, for you, foreigners, it’s nice but we have to deal with it every day.”


2. Food

I love rusks, I love rooibos tea, I love rusks dipped in rooibos tea. Maxi and I love biltong (dried game or beef meat), Noah is a big fan of papayas, and we all adore the huge (20+ kg) watermelons.


3. Chameleons

Local people say that there are more chameleons than usual this year, and we are more than happy about it! I meet them on the road all the time. They also come and visit  us at our house, too. The small ones look like funny big insects. The one from the picture is our pet chameleon, sort of. It has been living in our yard, on a small bush for more than a week now. It is just the cutest little thing one can imagine. It falls asleep quite early in the evenings, and rests its tiny head on its front legs. J’adorable!


4. Trees

This is a big cliché but it’s true – trees in Africa are unique. Very photogenic, too.


5. Colors

I can write a separate post on this one only. Human ingenuity and creativity plus the great light create incredible eye candies virtually all the time.


6. Kids

I spend a lot of time with kids for my work, and what can I say – I just love them! When two or more kids happen to be at the same time at the same place, chances are that pretty soon they’ll start dancing and singing, too.



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