I’ll be away from my lovely kids and husband for almost a week, and I already miss them so much. I was browsing through some pictures last night, and came across these animal encounters. We dearly love Norway but the one thing we miss there a lot is an everyday contact with animals. Therefore we appreciate every little species we meet here. We count the warthogs and antelopes we meet on the road; we often stop and watch them. We are grateful for our tiny chameleon who still lives on the bush by our house. We keep a baby scorpion in a little terrarium, and feed it with spiders and grasshoppers. I pick up some little species on the road and bring them to the boys, so that they can see them, too, and then release them back into the bush.

I guess there’s some truth in the anecdote that Western kids think that cows are purple, as the Milka advertisements have made them to believe. Our greatest achievement so far? Noah can tell a cow from a horse!











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