All businesses must be advertised, and the witch doctors are no exception. Magic is huge here, and one can hear the most incredible stories in our village. Every person can tell a personal story of magic (and it’s never a good one). It is hard for me to tell the differences between witches and witch doctors. The first are quite feared, and no one wants to be called like this. But it seems to me that all witch doctors (who are supposed to be the good guys) can pretty much do all nasty stuff off the radar. Every now and then, there are powerful witch doctors coming from Botswana to town, and apparently, their business is flourishing. Still, like all businesses, a little help won’t harm. This is what I got on Independence Ave. in Windhoek. The boy who was distributing the leaflets said he was related to the ‘doctor’ in question, and often uses his services. Apparently, the guy’s very busy, too, so one shouldn’t show up unannounced.

DSC_8630 DSC_8633

It seems like there’s nothing he can’t do! The one which reads ‘we chase away tokoloshe’ refers to a popular creature from the southern african folklore, who has a big head and a body of a child, and who, if ‘owned’ by someone with evil intentions can cause lots of harm. The local newspapers tell vivid stories of people tormented by tokoloshes.

So, next time you get an ’embarassing problem’, regardless of your ‘age, sex, color and race’, you know who to call!


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