One of the best things about travelling the world is tasting all the great foods out there. Right now we are enjoying the citruses’ high season. Until recently, I only knew the ‘basic’ citrus names. It turned out that there are also shades in between. Here’s what they are.




No surprises here. The good old grapefruit looks and tastes just as expected.


pomelo2Strangely enough, they call the yellow grapefruit a ‘pomelo’ here. I asked once in a shop and a woman told me that they call it a pomelo because it IS a pomelo. Sorry, not much of an argument there, so this is just a plain yellow grapefruit to me.

Cara Cara

caracara2The Cara Cara is a red flesh orange. Sometimes sweet, sometimes not so sweet. I guess it depends on its ripeness. The one on the picture was very, very good.

Regular orange


There’s something called just ‘orange’. It’s usually small, firm, and sweet.

Sweet orange


These little guys are small in size, and extremely sweet. They are slightly elongated in comparison to the regular oranges. The shop assistants are merciless, however. I bring a sweet orange and a similar sized regular orange at the counter, and they are never wrong.



Minneolas were just bad oranges to me (their size and color being my only reference point). It turned out that they are a tangerine – grapefruit hybrid. Which explains their slightly bitter taste, and watery consistence. Two of these can fill a 300 ml glass with juice.


clementine2The clementine usually has a very firm skin, and comes in different sizes. Not a big favorite of mine, unlike its (usually) smaller cousin:



Naartjies are actually tangerines (tangerines and clementines being two different families, says Google). Their Afrikaans name has also been adopted in English. They have a very loose skin, and are sweet and juicy.


lemon2Nothing much to say about the lemon, other than that it has a really strong aroma.

And what does one do with all these goodies?

DSC_0061Tons of the best citrus juice in the world.






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