I’m hurrying to write this post before we leave Botswana. After Ghanzi, we came to the last stretch of our African trip – Gaborone. Lots can be said about it. It’s very laid-back and relaxed, and people are very friendly but it’s so deprived of anything fun. There are probably more than 20 malls, 0 theaters, and the national art gallery is the size of a living room. The rains haven’t come this year yet, and the pools look a bit too uninvitingly green. Also, food is worse than in Namibia – the quality of the fresh fruit and vegetables is pathetic. On a positive note, Maxi started Taekwondo classes with a very nice Korean teacher, and my man finally got to a real gym. There are also lots of beautiful old trees with orange and purple flowers, and I can imagine they look even more lush after the rains.

As of myself, while exploring one of the smaller shopping centres, I came across a beautiful quilt store. I am not particularly fond of quilts but I’ve always thought that the process of quilt making would be something I would quite enjoy. So, I entered the store, lost myself in tons of beautiful fabrics, and just before leaving, I saw that they were offering quilting lessons! I enrolled, had two classes with two other women, and learnt so much in so little time. My hands had been itching for so long, and just sitting and sharing the joy of sewing with other women has been so rewarding. I did a big floor pillow for the boys, and I still have to quilt it. Who would have thought I had to come all the way here to learn this!







Next on the agenda – packing those small suitcases with that huge pile of belongings of ours.


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