Back to reality

Hello there, my single blog reader. I’m truly sorry I’ve been quite lazy lately. Truth is lots and nothing happened, and I myself needed quite some time to adjust to it all.

Tromsø met us with its usual coolness, literally and figuratively speaking. There’s something very special about this place, and it grabs you right after you leave the small airport building. My 3 men adjusted momentarily. My mind, however, remained somewhere in the south, and it took me over a month to collect myself and start appreciating what’s around me. And what’s around me is pretty cool, actually.

At the end of January we saw the first sun rays afer the sun climbed above the horizon.


The boys went crazy rediscovering their old toys.


Then there was the Sami Day, and the usual reindeer race in town (strangely, this year there weren’t that many people watching it).


There’s been some trips,


some cosy afternoons,



some old forgotten hobbies surfacing anew.


We’ve also had some nice weather with fluffy snow and deep blue skies (mind you, we’ve had much more dark grey rainy days; and, yes, snow and rain go hand in hand in Tromsø).

DSC_7722 DSC_7782 DSC_7803

Also ashtanga yoga has come to Tromsø, and I’m really happy about it because having a gentle teacher to push your limits is something I can rave about for days.


And I guess I’ll stop here. I won’t even mention all the nasty viruses we caught once we set foot here (and it was Africa and India I was worried about in terms of staying healthy!), and all the boring moments when I almost cried for going back to my last year’s life. I’ll just leave these to your imagination.

And, despite the fact that we’re still expecting our biggest snowfall yet, here’s a nice reminder that spring will come back this year, too!




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